It works

Design, construction, production, logistics and installation under one roof and in perfect tune. This together allows us to offer new and existing customers a comprehensive concept with sharper and broader product and production opportunities.




Advanced technology and skilled staff.
All of our construction is done in SolidWorks and goes hand in hand with production. Which in turn providing rapid and efficient development of new products. Added to this is our advanced technology, a production flow that is controlled by an intelligent MPS system with quality assurance at all stages.
Thanks to our employees' experience and sterling ability prototypes can be evaluated and approved by the customer in good time before the series production.



Punching relentless.
The modern punches are incredibly potent ingredients in our production. We have double fully automatic punches (of the brand Trumpf). During the day we run shorter series, during the night longer series, thus we utilize our advanced equipment to the maximum.




Powerful bending.
Our fully automatic bending machines are equipped with built-in scissors, supplemented with controlled press brakes. Thus we have very sophisticated technology, which means that we can perform in basically all types of bends.
Our modern line for panel bending is ideal for the production of a greater number of series and the require extremely short set-up times.



Precision welding.
As a rule, our designers seek to minimize welding operations, where required, we use, mig-, tig- or spot welding through our experienced and skilled employees.



Environmentally friendly powder coating.
Before powder coating products undergoing washing in an aqueous process. This is done in a completely closed system where manual handling is non-contact. The coating is made by special powder coating, an environmentally friendly thermoplastic.
Of course we are able to produce exactly the nuance and colour as desired.



Cost-efficient assembling.
In close proximity to the powder facility, occurs assembling and packaging of products or components. Freight company collect the goods from our facility for distribution directly to you as a customer, as said we have control over the whole process.