Unique solutions

Steelo offers unique solutions and high competence in order to develop vivid and selling retail spaces in stores, in a cost-effective and clever way.



When it comes to creating a complete store Steelo is the perfect partner for you.

Steelo provides you with a complete solution from idea, design, construction, prototypes, production, colour coating and assembly to a finished concept solution.

Our strength lies in our ability to create a future concept that suits your range and your products.

We work with and build stores both nationally and internationally, which means that we also can handle the project for you.


Shop in shop


Some of our clients see opportunities to reach out with products in stores through Shop in Shop solutions. The concept can create great opportunities for strong brands and businesses to reach out with their products efficiently.

We have helped many clients over the years with the creation of wall, floor and table solutions to strengthen sales and brands in stores. Products are to be highlighted in a small as well as large area.

Steelo is a given partner for this as we have extensive experience and knowledge in this area.



When it comes to displaying and selling products on promotion or for shorter periods of time, an appealing display solution is a key factor for success. Steelo has a wide range and knowledge in this field to find solutions as to how it should be exposed.

It´s about creating a display that makes your product stand out more and the display less. It is all about finding a balance between the display and product in order to draw the customer’s attention to the product. Important factors are colour, form, volume and flexibility.

Steelo currently works with various types of materials for example; sheet metal, tube, wire, wood, plexiglass, plastic, to name a few.