Your world is our inspiration

Our passion is interior and storage solutions for a professional environment. Shelving, tyre racks, shop displays, shop-in-shop solutions, to mention a few. Ideas are born within our walls, solutions are refined, developed and constructed. Quality, utility and effect are the end goals. Whether it concerns interior for inventory, archives, shops or other spaces. Feel free to choose between standard or tailor-made solutions. Almost anything is possible for us, everything is made within our own organization. Our production includes technical advanced machinery and dedicated staff, all in one building. That is why we have a control over all parts of the process.

Expose, store, produce

We can ensure high quality as well as rapid and precise deliveries. Your initial participation is also important. You know your market and target groups. Your input is your world, your goals and your demands. We add the things we do best, design, and choice of material, construction, production and delivery. A kind of mutual inspiration. The end result will be exactly as predicted, or even better.

Since 2011 Steelo has been owned by Lagercrantz Group, a group with activity in seven countries and who have been listed on OMX Stockholm and Nasdaq since 2001.


Welcome to our creative workshop.


Our process

 Based on requirements or ideas we create attractive drafts.The design is turned into a construction solution.Efficient production process with all manufacturing gathered under our own roof.Customer adapted logistics solutions with everything
from packaging to delivery.
Installation at the end customer.